Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My first Bike Ride

If there's a bike lane on almost every main road does that mean bikes are treated like cars? Does that mean I have to stop at every stop sign? Do I have to get in the "going straight" lane rather than the side of the road which equals the right turn lane? Is it legal for me to ride on the sidewalks? Do I have to wear a helmet? What is the sign for turning left again?

These were the thoughts that were racing through my brain as I ventured out on my first bike ride in San Diego.

I'm lucky and live close to Balboa park (actually only about a mile away) with great access to the neighborhoods surrounding it. Today I think I rode through North Park (I'm not 100% though) and the houses were beautiful... I think I might make it a habit of getting "lost" in the neighborhoods where the houses truly look like California houses... stucco, beautiful flowers, greenest grass... I really loved it. Even more, I loved seeing the dad sitting on the front porch holding his daughter reading a book and the man working on his car and the two teenage boys riding straight down the middle of the street. Those are the scenes of home. It makes me feel a little less far away from lovely Cedar Falls.

I can't even describe the flowers around here... today I saw a tree with ORANGE flowers. And it was a big tree... I couldn't touch the flowers and I just had to stop and look. They have the most fantastic magenta flowers every where... this city is a sight for color.

When I imagine what the Garden of Eden looked like, San Diego gives me a good idea of what to think of!

And guilty as charged... yes I did blog twice in one day. When I'm out and about I think of all the things I want to share with my friends and family. Maybe it is a way to deal with loneliness... now I can share my adventures with the people I love and maybe they will inspire some of you to mull over packing a car up and moving out here:) I can dream:)

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  1. oh man ... i just love getting lost in new places!! remember when we got lost in hailar, china. or maybe that was just exploring ... anyhow, i still try to get lost ... I actually got lost last week, sort of, trying to find my friends new home in portland. also, since living near portland, a huge biking city, I definitely have a new respect for those who do bike than when I lived in IN. can you bike to work?! maybe they have cash incentives if you do ... i know when I worked for wells fargo, they paid me to walk to work and not drive my car ... keep exploring that san diego and learn how to surf and sail really well so you can teach me ...