Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lessons from a fallen rose

When I was home in Iowa, I was driving when I saw a yellow rose lying in the middle the road.

I thought how sad that rose lying there... someone missing the chance to breath in it's wonderful fragrance, brighten a kitchen room, or stir the curiosity of a child as to how or when it would blossom, or puzzle the thinker on how a small seed can grow into such a beautiful flower.

How often do we live our lives missing the opportunity to fulfill what we were created to do. Maybe we are stuck in a career that seems foolish to leave, we think pursuing our passion is impossible, we can't wait for the next stage in life, we can't wait to move on from people that continually irritate us...

I wish that I had stopped and picked that rose up and brought it home to grace our table, but I didn't. Funny that the rose couldn't pick itself up and walk itself to our kitchen table or wave to a weary mother and say breathe deeply and be refreshed by my scent. It needed someone to recognize that it was not where it was supposed to be. Aren't we the same? We need someone to stop in the middle of the road, pick us up and walk beside us as we figure out how to fulfill the purpose that God has destined and created uniquely for each of us. Someone to breath life into us, to encourage us, to challenge us... it's funny how influenced we are by the people around us. We are privileged with the responsibility of speaking into the people around us. It's a beautiful responsibility... especially when we take it and dive deep into the lives of the people around us.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tsunami Escape Route

The other day I was driving along a main road in Pacific Beach and a sign caught my eye. "Tsunami Evacuation Route" is what it said.

I thought to myself, "To heck with the escape route via a motor vehicle! I'm ditching this old dodge stratus and gonna run on my own two feet!"

How quickly a disaster puts material things into perspective. They are but shadows of security, efficiency, safety, and protection. How quickly I would leave my car to seek safety via the two feet God gave me. It made me think about what I put my trust in. What do I get a sense of security, efficiency, safety and protection? Is it my job, my career, my retirement, my friends, my home, my bank account, my relationships?

In life, there is an escape route that is 100% secure. That is Jesus. He is the way, He is the life. If I want to escape the shadows and hints of security... knowing deep within my heart that they are deceptive, I must run to the truest escape route there is.