Wednesday, August 25, 2010

God gave me a BIG favor

I sprained my ankle one week ago today. I walked out my front door, waved at my neighbor and the next thing I knew I was on my face with my knee, arm and hand scraped up and a SCREAMING left ankle. First thought: It's broken! I can't move it! Scoot over to the fence so you can elevate it! Call 5East (where I work) and tell them I can't be at the meeting!

Then I see my neighbor peek over our fence and say "Are you okay!? I saw you go down and you never got back up!"

Well eventually, I was able to move my ankle and could even walk on it... so I drove to my meeting with my ankle elevated as best I could in my dodge stratus:) And I walked to 5east, sat through the meeting, my goose egg grew, RN Wayland (my boss) said I must get it checked out in the ER, I walked to the ER and my goose egg blew up and the pain got intense.

I waited 3 hours in fast track, got my first x-ray, my first pair of crutches and instructions to rest, ice, compress, and elevate (RICE) and at least 48 hours of SIQ (Sick in Quarters).

Now here is where God did a great work:

My work schedule for this past week looked like this:

Work Thursday (day after I sprained it) and Monday (5days after I sprained it) and then on call Thursday and then work the weekend.

A typical work schedule for me would be: work Friday/Saturday/Sunday after I sprained it then again Wed and Thursday. God knew that I would need to rest this lovely foot. Ironically, 3 weeks ago, I was so tired and worn out I said to God, "Boy would it be nice to just have a break from work, but there is no way b/c our census has sky rocketed and our staffing is tight" Why do I ever say something is impossible to God?

Introduction to the goose egg (8/18/10):
A lateral view

One Week Later (8/24/10):

Purple Toes!
Purple heel
My Goose egg is a force to be reckoned with... RICE has had quite the opponent with this one.
My fatty left foot...but MUCH improved from one week ago:)

I can't wait to go for a run, go boogie boarding, play volleyball, go for a walk... etc etc. But for now, I want to take good care of it so I'll be able to later:)

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