Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today a group of 21 people get to step onto a plane that will fly over the Pacific and land in Manila, Philippines in just 19 hours. Incredible. Really incredible if you think about it. The world we live in has allowed us to do absurd things. And really, God has given us such a privilege to travel 1000's of miles and experience new cultures and people with such ease. I am so thankful this morning.

To my dear friends who are facing the anticipation of a white Christmas and cold weather... think of me when you get those shivers and snuggle into your warm sweaters and scarves and curl up by the fire... Think of me and pray:)

Pray that we have team unity, Pray that we have our listening ears on as we experience a foreign culture that is different than ours, Pray that we take our American glasses off and put our Filipino glasses on, Pray that we get to share Great News at such a beautiful time of the year, & Pray that seeds would take root and spread wide and deep.

The Philippines is one of the #1 "sending" countries in the world. Since it is a poorer country that has wonderfully intelligent people and value education, many families send their children to another country to work so that they can make more money.

SOOOO we want to equip them with knowledge of who Jesus is, what he's done for humanity, and the promises that exist for all people everywhere if they would just believe that Jesus is God, that he came in human form, performed miracles, changed lives, died willingly, & ROSE FROM THE DEAD and continues to change lives, perform miracles and equip His people to live lives of change, anticipation, so much HOPE, and adventure. Then, as they go out all over the world, they will share this HOPE and Wonderful news.

Father, thank you for this privilege. Thank you that you give this to anyone who is willing to go. Your heart is for the nations. You love and desire for humanity to know you is greater than the than the billions of light-years of space that exists. You have gone before us these next two weeks and you know every minute detail of this trip and the people we will encounter. You're surprised by nothing. We go under divine protection from the evil one. We have nothing to fear. So thank you. I anticipate extraordinary things and will be looking for the evidence of your hand. Thank you that you allow every person to take part in this trip through prayer. And you incline your ear to hear the faintest whispers of our hearts. Thank you that you have ordained people to take part by praying. I am celebrating the ground they will take by their prayers and praying special blessings on their lives as they do the greater work. :):)

Much love to you all and I'll do a recap on the trip when I return!!!

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