Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Throughout this Holiday season, I have thought of little things that I am so thankful for...

Special Liberty at work as I got to sleep through Santa's visits and have lots of energy on Christmas day

24 hour Christmas music on the radio

Skype... I got to open presents with my family via this beautiful invention

Dogs... I got to watch my friends dog and it reminded me of how happy dogs can make a person after a long night of work.

Christmas Spirit... b/c how can anyone be unhappy on Christmas Eve at work when we read "Twas the Night before Christmas"?

Airplanes... they take me home to my family

Roommates... they make an apartment home.

Candles... they rouse memories and nostalgic feelings

Midnight Christmas Eve services... so much thought, effort, resources go into this service and Jesus is so incredibly worth it.

Cell phones... b/c now we don't need candles for Christmas Eve services... the cell phones work the same way!!

Anticipation... I know we're supposed to live in the moment, but anticipation makes life so exciting!

Kenny Chesney Christmas songs... they help me remember that some people want to be by the warm ocean void of snow on Christmas...

Resolutions... its fun to think of easy things that you just want to do and make them into a resolution. For example, one of mine: Go to Disneyland this year. Easy enough:) Anyone wanna go in on that one with me?

Those are just a few... So while I half way dreaded this Christmas season, it turned out to be so special despite the miles between my dear friends and family. Jesus is ever so gracious and concerned even with my dread of his own birthday.

Have a wonderful New year!!

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