Tuesday, December 8, 2009

weather theme!

Yesterday we had a big storm. I'm talking big. The palm trees were bent over, the sky was an ominous grey, and water was shooting out of the clouds as if they hadn't let loose since Noah's flood! We're almost NEVER ever inconvenienced by weather here and so it was interesting to be reminded of what life is like when it isn't always sunny and at least 65 degrees outside.

I had to leave for work a15 minutes earlier, my hands gripped the steering wheel as I drove on the freeway with little visibility d/t the water splashing onto my windshield from all directions, I had an eerie feeling sitting in my apartment and hearing the wind rattling the windows, my fleece was soaked by the time I got to work and my hair was matted to my head. But I loved it because weather is one thing that we have absolutely NO control over. It is a reminder of how big God is and how little and insignificant we are.

Then this morning I got off of work and the sky had scattered clouds, with most beautiful peek- a-boos of blue, and the sun rays were spotlighting the vibrant greens renewed by the rainfall. Life looks so much brighter when the storm clouds part. And rather than reminding us of how big and powerful God is, it reminds us how passionate, creative, good, and beautiful he is.

I just loved the lessons learned and made me wish for home so that I could wonder at the trees frosted in white, and the cardinals flying in our neighbor's trees across rainbow, and the big snowflakes that catch on your eyelids. So to all who have to shovel and leave for work 20 minutes later every day, and arrive to work wet with hair matted down (especially you dad), I'll spend a day in your shoes any day:)


hehe:) I think palm trees look so funny tossed in the wind:)

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