Thursday, February 25, 2010


Haiti is cancelled. It's been cancelled for almost a month. I was so sad the day my LCDR told me. That day I got reamed by a cranky patient for being 30 minutes late with some pain medications. Needless to say, it was the first day at work that I had to step off the floor and shed a couple of tears.

Changes in plans are hard. It's this trust thing that God keeps talking to me about. Living alone taught me that I am not trust worthy to myself and God is the only thing I can trust. I learned that I am dependent on the people around me. We're meant to live in community. And now I'm learning that plans are not trustworthy.

I don't know what the future in the Navy holds for me. I reached my one year mark... which means 2 more to go. Will I stay in for another three or hit the mission field overseas or go back to Iowa, or stay here in San Diego????? My bet is none of the above b/c I am so frequently wrong with plans. So I suppose I will sit back and let God do his thing with my life... he's best at directing it anyway:)

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