Monday, March 15, 2010

Bedtime @ 2am...

I'm transitioning to nights because thats what we do in the Navy... we go 2-4 months on days then switch to nights. So I've been on days since January and it has been beautiful. I remember one of my fellow nurses said, "Kenealy, you've been exceptionally happy the past few times I've seen you... oh yeah, you're on day shift now." And that explains what happens to me when I go to night shift. I am not a vampire nor a bat... I like the day time best. In fact, early morning is the best. It's quiet... feels like stolen time where people don't get in the way:)

But for the next 9 months I am going to do night shift b/c I'm also doing an internship at my church that goes M-F 9am-1pm. So somedays I will work 7p-7a (hopefully sleep for an hour) and then go to the internship from 9-1. Insanity, I am sure. As I discussed this insane option with the leader he said, "You're young and resilient. It will give you practice for when you have kids... I haven't slept in four years since I had kids. Sometimes we have to put ourselves in positions where it is absolutely impossible without the strength of God." (Side note... If kids =not sleeping for 18 years... you might have to count me out:/ How is that possible!?!) And so I walked away with a stronger desire to do this program.

What is the program? I don't know for sure. It's called IMPACT 195. I do know that we DIG into the word... we dig into each other and we dig into our community. All three parts fill me with excitement and anxiety. My goal for it is to Know God Better. I want to Know him, Love him and Obey him... and then sometimes the stinker in me says, "No you don't! knowing, loving and obeying God= doing crazy, scary, insane, weird things... DON'T do it!!!!" Well like I said, it's the stinker in me that says that.

The 195 stands for the # of countries in our world... we want to impact each one.

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