Thursday, July 8, 2010

God is bigger than the Navy?

So one of my biggest battles with Impact 195 has been fitting it in my schedule at work. I signed up to be a Navy nurse 18 months ago and it is my primary commitment outside of my commitement to Jesus. But when I heard about Horizon School of Evangelism and then Impact 195, I knew I had to do one of these schools. It was a deep longing in my heart and something I just ached to be a part of. So when it looked like it might be possible, I jumped:)

But then, I was not going to be able to keep the night shift schedule and my heart broke. Then God broke through that barrier and I've been on nights for 3 months now and only 6 more to go! I'm learning a lot on night shift and building beautiful relationships with my coworkers and learning a lot about Oncology. Night shift allows you to speak with patients in the lonely hours and it is a wonderful thing.

Then I needed to request a good amount of time off for the trips and I ran into problems with the dates I requested and the dates that this second trip is on. It's called the Nehemiah trip and basically we get to study the Bible in depth for a week... LOVE IT.

I asked for the wrong dates. I got the wrong dates off and got notice on the correct dates from Impact. I was mad at Impact. Mad that they weren't considerate that some of their students also work full time. Mad that I felt disrespected in that I'm working full time and going to school and can't switch my schedule on a whims notice. One person said to me, "God is bigger than the Navy. Pray that you get the dates off." ................................anger, fury, indignation, hurt, distrust...... ugly feelings.

But my mentor encouraged me to pray. And I did and I asked for the dates off. My scheduling officer has gone above and beyond to help me out with my scheduling requests. I don't know how to describe how easy it has been to approach her and work with her. What a relief rather than another burden.

She couldn't get the dates. She tried taking me off the schedule then switching me with people and it just wouldn't work. I was sad but understood.

So I rebelled against the school and decided I'd hit the road and go home and miss a week and a half of school... if they weren't going to respect my schedule, I wouldn't respect theirs. :):):):) Such a godly woman..... (insert lots of sarcasm here...)

And I didn't feel peace about going home, but I got my mom's, Betsy's, Megan's, my sister's hopes up and that felt good. Then God said "You tell your family and friends that you aren't going home and tell your scheduling officer that you don't need time off to go home but if anything opens up for the Nehemiah trip to please keep my scheduling request in mind."

So I worked that night and my scheduling officer said, "Danielle, do you still need that week off? Because I can work it out now. Someone's schedule changed and opened it up."

Is there anything else I need to say?


  1. nope :)

    just keep sharing what's going on...keep sayin what He's sayin to you....:)

  2. Your faith is stronger than you give yourself credit for Danielle. You place God first in your life and I think He honors that.

  3. Insert laughing voice and big smile. Heard the story in person, but fun to read your blog.

  4. I heard a little of this, but that is really cool! I love how He asks us to make illogical uncomfortable decisions knowing that He is going to do something really cool.

    It reminds me of growing up when my parents would ask you to do something; and I thought they were so mean! But the whole time they were planning on taking me somewhere really cool as soon as I was done.
    All I saw was the "chore" they wanted me to do, but they saw the big picture.
    Not only would the chore teach me lessons I would need later, they also knew that they were going to bless me as soon as I was done.

    Not that His faithfulness is dependent on ours, but just that He knows the "good" He has planned for us even when we don't see it.
    We walk in obedience because of His grace and favor, not to earn it.

    Thank you for sharing what He's doing!