Friday, July 30, 2010

Miracle of Miracles!

This month I have:
~Lost two roommates which means an increase in rent to cover for the room

~2 trips that Impact 195 students are going on and I cannot so I get to take part by paying and praying... where that money would come from, I didn't know but took a step of faith and committed to supporting 2 fellow students.

~Realized that I have been hanging tight to money and paying from my net income rather than tithing out of my gross income. So I took a step of obedience... a "Christianity 101" step of obedience and portioned out my tithe from my gross income.

~Came to work to find out that I am now a Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG) which means an increase in pay! I swore into the Navy in December of 2008 so I thought that I would not promote until December! As I was trying to figure out my finances, I knew that I was taking a couple of little leaps... Like from lily pad to lily pad in a pond... not like from one side of the Grand Canyon to the other, nevertheless they were leaps for me. And you know who was there to catch me and make sure I made it to the other side? The Lord.

My conclusion? God blesses obedience.

I think I need to start a list of miracles in my life:

~Hilary moving to San Diego and being my Summer 2009 best friend when I was desperately lonely
~My Ocean Beach apartment and Carmen
~My schedule at work (working nights) and Impact 195
~Getting time off for our Wilderness trip
~Getting time off for our Nehemiah trip
~Promoting 5 months in advance so that I can give more money to send people and go to the mission field myself in the near future.

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  1. keep telling your story Danielle!! I love you!!!