Monday, January 3, 2011

Teens in the Philippines

We went to a Catholic school and had one hour to share testimonies, play games, sing or just encourage the students. After singing and testimonies, my teammate and I had the students write down questions. It could be about God, America, teenage life, school, etc.... anything! Here were some of the questions:

1. Who is Jesus to you?

2. If you wronged someone and apologized but they didn't accept it, who committed the sin?

3. How do you know God deeply?

4. Give me one situation that strengthened your faith in God.

5. Do the Americans love Filipino people like they love Jesus?

6. What makes you think that God really loves us?

7. How would you show love to Jesus to other people?

8. Is there a time when you get angry with God?

Do you hear the curiosity? The hunger for something more? The desire for a deeper relationship? The longing for love, acceptance and assurance?

These students were ready to be discipled... ready to be brought into a small group and learn about the relationship they can each have with Jesus. We could only bring them encouragement for an hour, pray with them and guide them to scriptures to read... our time was short.

What they need is mentors who are willing to discuss hard questions, Scripture explained and revealed to them, and a filling of the Holy Spirit. We can pray that someone would go and begin to harvest... or we can say "I'll go, send me." Which one will you be?

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