Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello Love

The theme of my sister's season of life right now...."Hello Love". 2 weeks from today my beautiful sister Lucy will be a married woman and have the opportunity and privilege of loving one man for the rest of her life. The undertaking is incredible... the responsibility immeasurable... the rewards unimaginable.

When I tell friends about my younger sister Lucy I tell them, "She's the coolest girl you'll ever meet. She is absolutely selfless, she rides a Kawasaki, she plays guitar, she goes dirt biking, she loves the Packers, loves the Cardinals, can follow the game and doesn't fall asleep during them, played hockey most of her life, loves adventure..." Those are just her interests and the things she can do... her inner person? She is so loyal, so thoughtful, so witty, so funny, so confident, so innocent, so selfless, so generous, so pure, so full of life. She can make friends and strike up conversation with anyone. Whenever she wasn't dating a guy, I sure couldn't figure out why her many friends hadn't swept her off her feet already. The man who wins Lucy heart will have her whole heart, she'll be absolutely faithful, sacrificial, fun, thoughtful, and the greatest friend he could ever have.

The man who won Lucy's heart? Mr. Kyle Kerns. Now to be perfectly honest... this man was my arch enemy for a bit as I struggled with hearing Lucy talk of falling in love with a man that I had never met and didn't trust. Here my sister is 1000's of miles away from my protective questions, discernment and influence over the guys she's dating! But with time, visits to San Diego by him, visits home by me, texts and phone calls... I am ready to call him brother. He is a man who has shown me that he has one thing down: He loves Lucy. He loves her by opening the door for her, complimenting her on her beauty, holding her hand, he spends time with her, he shares his interests with her, he is patient with her, he lets her live her dreams, he lasted through a rough summer of separation as Lucy lived her dream of working at camp, he's prepared to provide for her, he has studied book after book about preparing to be a prayerful and faithful husband, he's not afraid to ask hard questions.... He's a man that I have learned to trust. He rides dirt bikes and rides fast on ice during winter!!!

Together, they get to walk hand in hand through life....I can't even imagine the struggles and joys that they will go through together, but I can imagine the blanket of protection and covering they have as they enter into this relationship as a man and woman of faith. A man and woman who have put their faith in Jesus Christ, who have faithfully prayed over one another and their marriage, who have sought advice and wisdom from other couples who have stood the test of time, who have had to work through difficult separations, and miscommunications already.

Next week, we will hold up a big "Welcome Love" sign to the Love of Lucy and Kyle and we will cheer for them as they walk under it and into a life together. And then we will join together and pray and celebrate the miracle of God bringing two sinful souls together to join into a holy relationship reflecting an incredible relationship that beckons every person on Earth to say "Hello", sit down and invest in something miraculous and unfathomable.

Did I mention she's the coolest girl ever? And Kyle... well he's just a Rockstar on those bikes...

Fun Love:)

Hello Love:)


  1. thank you Danielle. That was great to read. See you in two weeks! love you

  2. So beautiful. Wonderfully put. So happy for Luc!