Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I can't overspend God's grace

We take a class called "Identity Transformation". We are studying Ephesians. It's all about learning how God views me which I can learn through prayer, God's word and meditation. Right now how I view myself effects how I interact with others which effects how others view me and then how they interact with me. That's the cycle George taught us. So if I can begin to view myself the way God views me, it will change the way that I treat people and people treat me. Interesting...

Some nuggets I got from the lesson:

"You have to learn to forgive yourself" is BLASPHEMY!! You sin out of selfishness. Eph 5:29 says we cherish and nourish our bodies as Christ loves the Church... So that means I love myself A LOT!!!!!! And we hate everyone else b/c no one loves me as much as I love myself and think I should be loved. (yikes) We are never commanded to love ourself.

God chose me as Eph 1:4 says "just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world." God selected me individually and chooses me uniquelly.

I thought this was an interesting question: "Why did God create each of us uniquelly?"

So that he could uniquelly choose me! And he says that he chose us before the foundation of the world which means that he chose me before I could DO anything good or bad! Wow...

Also, did you know that the opposite of holy is common? So God says for us to be holy. He doesn't want us to be common. The world wants us to be common. But I am called to live a one of a kind life. And so is everyone else.

So how might that change how we view and treat people if we see them as unique creatures created and chosen by God?

Sometimes my little head can't handle all these big thoughts of God:)

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