Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life experiences = Value

I am such a tricky sinner. All this time I've held onto the assumption that I do find most of my value in Christ. I'm a sinner, he saved me, I need him, I'm his child.... I've been through the camps, internships, mentoring meetings, counseling sessions, etc. I think I know by now where my value lies. WRONG.

I realized last night that I find value in my experiences. I met up with some people that I haven't seen in a while and I had confidence b/c something new was happening in my life. I wasn't just still working at the hospital as a nurse. No Sir! I had joined Impact! I was doing something... something new had happened in my life that made me interesting with loads of things to talk about.

This has been consistent throughout my life. I'm going overseas, I'm going out of state for school, I'm doing an internship at a church, a camp where I don't know anyone, going back to school for nursing, joining the navy, moving to the beach, doing a Impact...

And I wonder, what value would I have if I had done none of this? I am bound and determined to surprise and interest people in ME not in GOD with the things I do. I've not set out to glorify God. I've set out to glorify myself. Darn.

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