Monday, March 12, 2012

As Easy as 1-2-3

Today my assignment was to choose a verse out of Psalm 1 and read the entire verse several times, stopping after each word to write down my thoughts.

I chose Psalm 1:2-3

But they delight in the Law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night. They are like trees planted along the riverbank bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.

In this interim season, I have set a goal to write a life mission statement, core values and goals for myself. I'm learning that if you don't shoot for something, I won't hit anything and I won't realize it until I'm absorbed in regret. Reading this Scripture, one of my core values is that the Word of God is central in my life. Sounds pretty and holy and wonderful, but realistically? What does that mean? Is it just pretty words or have a resolved to truly and absolutely make this an integral part of my life?

Here's my game plan... it's flexible:) B/c life happens and I learn new tactics and realize my own strengths and weaknesses.
~Read Scripture daily (duh:))
~Read a small amount of Scripture daily. Even if it is one word... that God has penetrated my heart with and I know that I must sit on that word and allow my mind to think and churn, and break down.
~Memorization is a must. One of my 2012 resolutions was to memorize one scripture a week. I felt like that was completely achievable and so far it has been! I started with Romans Road scriptures... and got distracted by Rick Warren's "40 Days in the Word". 
~When I go to bed at night, I want to remember the Scriptures I have hidden in my heart. One of my professors at IWU said that every night before going to bed, instead of allowing the worries and stresses of the day consume his mind, he would recite every verse he had committed to memory over and over until he fell asleep. Talk about meditating on the Word!

So anyway, I'm still struggling with this temporary life. The meaninglessness of consumerism, of physical comfort... of the rewards in heaven that are beyond imagination, but joy comes in the morning:) And joy came this morning with this simple encouragement of Ps 1:2-3:) 

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  1. Try adding 'an I will' from what you read......