Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Season of Searching

After 3 beautiful years in San Diego, I've returned to my lovely hometown Cedar Falls, IA.

What am I doing next? I have NO idea! I've given myself 2 months to seek the Lord, ask, and listen. Not that it is a demand on Jesus that I have answers in 2 months... but I have to set some kind of limit! I've been loving life for the past four days soaking up little Laney smiles and giggles and unique antics. Did God create little ones just to bring JOY into almost every moment of a day?

A study that I am loving right now is 40 Days in the Word by Rick Warren. He just began the campaign mid-January and it has been so powerful. I've been learning tricks to memorizing Scripture and actually taking time to think about what the Scripture says and how I am to apply it to my life. I would like to start the study here in Iowa with a group of people and I'm praying through who to ask and what that looks like.

God wants to be our everything. He doesn't want us to depend on anyone or anything else. He is our only provider. Everything is by his grace. I don't want to give credit for a job, a life, a breath, a relationship, family, friends, etc to anyone or anything other than the grace of God. Every day God steps in and does miracle after miracle. I pray that my eyes will be opened to the ones I have ignored and give thanks and praise for the ones I've taken for granted.

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  1. Hey Danielle! Glad to see you back on the blog circuit. I can hear the big, giant, smile in your voice as you write. Stay away from the tornados my friend, and enjoy all the ministry opportunities right there on your back porch. Miss ya, Mikey